About the Instructor

Passion for the fun of the game and the desire to have fun with my dogs in a competitive environment has maintained my enthusiasm over the years for the game of dog agility. I started my first dog in agility training in 1998, and began to compete in agility trials in 2001. Then, became an agility instructor in 2006.

I began agility training as something fun to do with my dog. Seeing agility on TV in 1998 is what started it all. The dogs and handlers performing were having so much fun that I immediately began my search for a place to train. Competition was not my first intent. Then I saw how exciting it was, packed my little Papillon up and off we went.

My agility partners over the years have brought me much joy. Together, our goal of having loads of fun as well as earning some coveted Champion titles was realized beyond my wildest dreams.

  • My first agility dog a Papillon, Crystal, were two time national finalists in the United States Dog Agility Associationís (USDAA) Steeplechase national tournaments in 2002 and 2003 and earned the title of ADCH (Agility Dog Champion) in 2004. Crystal is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Wicket, a Border Collie rescue became a five time champion; 2006 USDAA ADCH, 2008 BRONZE ADCH, 2009 PERFORMANCE DOG CHAMPION (PDCH). 34 titles overall in USDAA. AKC MACH 1 AND 2005 MACH 2.

  • Chance, a border collie/cattle dog mix is currently training. We have loads of fun and will hit the road soon on the agility trial trail.

Sharing the joys of agility with other people by way of becoming an instructor is another passion I acquired. In order to provide my students with the most up to date information and training in agility I actively compete in several different organizations and attend seminars with top agility handlers and instructors.

I welcome you to CM STREEK Agility Training Center, Inc. where agility is always FUN!

Streek on!

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